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Steps study and experiences beyond the first completion of Steps to Knowledge - a beginning student.

Greetings All –

This blog is an extension of the Steps to Knowledge - #S2K blog where I have, for the past year - 2014, posted from my journals, relating my experience from the first time I did Steps, 1999-2000. The rationale and history for that is here.

Having completed Steps once, I chose to do it again a month later, and have remained a student of Knowledge ever since. I had done “A Course in Miracles”, beginning January 1, 1988 and completing it in one year. Though I tried to repeat that course, it never held my interest, though I did spend many years trying to have it work. I could see that life in the separation was temporary, but not an illusion that I could change, or even have created on the basis of my tiny mind. What I felt was needed was “illusion management”, skills for living in a temporary, many minds created manifest world.

The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, a Greater Community Spirituality, provided that and Steps to Knowledge is the practice that gives one a new mind with which to understand the world, that mind being directed by Spirit.

Steps to Knowledge was the first major work given through Marshall Vian Summers, perhaps, he once said, “Because it was the most important. The Teachers did not know how long I would be around.”

Having done the Steps once, with heart, puts an individual, a student, in a new place. There are many more materials to study with the newly expanded mind, and it takes great effort to make sense out of the greater picture, as well as apply the information to human history and events of the day.

For this reason, there is need for a more expansive view as one seeks to understand this manifestation through the New Message teachings. At this moment, I’ve not decided how to post year two journal entries, since I’ve not looked ahead to see what they are.

The final entry for Step 365 is being posted here, so as not to show the end, before new students begin Step 1. Year two of journal entries will appear here, as well as broader challenges as they appear in the journal – the integration of the growth of what comes to be called The New Message From God.

My purpose here is to share my experience, not debate it. My journey can benchmark your own, if you can identify with my demographic, work, education, experience, etc.

As a heads-up, being a student of Knowledge did not keep me from making mistakes in life over the past 15 years, but I am more “at home in the world.”

From the Journal

8:20 a.m. Sunday, July 16, 2000 –

Step 365 – I am committed to learn to learn.
I am committed to give what I am meant to give.
I am committed because I am part of life.
I am part of life because
I am one with Knowledge.

One year of Steps completed. Where am I? How do I feel?

I'm moving strongly in the direction of regional intelligence. I have much to offer, but it will take significant ongoing preparation. This may or may not be my GC work – I only know I'm pushed & pulled and have been so for the past 30 years…parallel to my spiritual quest. I feel like I'm just beginning, in spite of my age.

10:20 a.m. Yet to do practice #1. I’d considered going to Chapel – but there isn't time. Somehow I must expand my life in the area of regions and simplify everywhere else to make time.

S2K implies that success in life is based on our ability to contribute. That is the only thing that is remembered on either side.

1:55 p.m. No review is called for of the final two weeks, but I want to do that.

5:50 p.m. Completed the review of the two past weeks. What happened in those steps?

I was reminded of two key discoveries – that I and my greater self are one and likewise, my family in the world and outside the world make this home, even though it is not True Home T-om. The world was already in play when I manifested here. My goal is to contribute that which I've come to contribute. I can now more consciously work to that using my mind and body. Spirit knows what spirit knows.

From here at home I go to truth for the 2nd practice. I'll wait to see what comes. I can start Steps again in September.

6:30 p.m. At Truth – Su-ne – for the 2nd practice on this day of completion. I'll not disappear as I thought earlier in the week after spiritual highs. I'm so comfortable here in the woods – it seems I could sit for ever – be like the moss on Su-ne – or be them for life – but that is not the goal. This restores the soul.

There is much work in the world, but there is likewise a great number of workers. True Home it isn't, but home it has become. I'm so glad I have this physical sanctuary in addition to the spirit sanctuary. LTGCW we only need develop physical and mental self-management, spirit Knows what to do.

1990 – 2000 was to be a great decade; instead it was a great struggle.

8:05 p.m. Practice #2 complete. The next step – third I vision into a vortex – for discernment. This was the place I first had a Holy Instant. That is a different experience – the feeling of being connected to all.

This practice I recognized my commitment and devotion to the Creator – but those words do not convey the sense – it is not a choice – it simply is true.

Now it is time to leave the woods. I may start the Steps again end of August. This 365 could be my daily lesson from now on. Other lessons may be delivered.

The more awake the better I shall contribute. I’ll continue working on the pillars.

Things must fall away so my service steps appear. I'd like to find my people – if they are in the world.

Amen & Amen
Thomas Joseph Christoffel
A Student of Knowledge

Dear Thomas –

A deer snorts behind us and runs. This is nature and we intrude. Still this was the place to end and begin our Steps to Knowledge.

Our perspective of the world has changed. Our place in space and time to defined more clearly. Distraction can be reduced; focus increased – though there is still more thinking to be exposed to.

You, I and the Family are engaged in life as are other families. We shall work to reclaim Knowledge in this world, making it our home through contribution.

The mundane work is a framework for cooperation that all advanced worlds have. We will continue to be alert for opportunities to present this truth.

There is no separation between our love and our work, for it is life – unseparable from the truth and with spirit for all time.

It is one task, broad in scope and simple an application – which is an anathema to separation’s illusion.

One voice speaks – but the source is the many souls of wisdom so humility in family is the highest achievement. The last is first and the first is last which means everyone has their turn.

Time to travel to the house – where the heart abides –

Peace Dynamic
T-om Su-ne

Spirit family communication was not a new thing for me when I came to Greater Community Spirituality. Steps did help me understand more about it, and enabled me to listen better. Whether or not I’ve done or will do what is intended, I’m quite unsure of – but I work on it every day.

In 2015, let us continue through Steps again. The Step of the day will be listed here, with a link to Google Drive for MP3 audio of that Step plus a PDF of the page. The folder for Step 1 includes short introductions by the students, Bethne Thomson and Brian McGee who are recording Spoken Steps to assist students. The file can be downloaded or played on Google Drive. The Step and link will be tweeted @FromTheMystery and Google + Tom C.

Step 1 - I am without Knowledge now. Link to MP3s and PDF of Step 1.

I am without Knowledge now. Step 1 x2 (second time) – Beginning Steps the second time with a little more clarity.
I am without Knowledge now. Step 1
THERE MUST BE A STARTING POINT at any juncture of development. You must start from where you are, not from where you want to be.  You start here in the understanding that you are without Knowledge. That is not to say that Knowledge is not with you. It is simply to say that you are not with Knowledge. Knowledge is waiting for you to proceed. Knowledge is waiting to give itself to you. Therefore, you are beginning now to prepare to be in relationship with Knowledge, the greater aspect of mind that you have brought with you from your Ancient Home.

THREE TIMES TODAY SPEND 10 MINUTES thinking about what Knowledge is, not merely applying your own ideas, not merely applying your past understanding, but thinking about what Knowledge really is.

PRACTICE 1: Three 10-minute practice periods.


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